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Better Writing in Seven Minutes

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Better Writing is Only Seven Minutes Away

If you want to be a better writer then start today. While communication professionals will find many of these concepts familiar, this video is for everyone. Whether you’re an accounting professional or a small business owner, this seven minute video can help you increase the effectiveness of your writing.

During the next seven minutes we will discuss the writing process. Then we will explore common writing traps. Finally, we will tell you how to structure your writing more effectively.

My Top Four Picks for Writing Books

Every communications professional will benefit from the following books. But even if you’re not a communications professional, these books will make you a better writer.

My Top Pick for Better Writing:

My top pick is Why Business People Speak Like Idiots. It is irreverent and humorous. It will also make you cringe because, as you will discover, all communication professionals get sucked into the same traps that make us sound like idiots. In addition, it is a quick read and will instantly change the way you think about writing.

We would all love to be the next Hemingway. However, whether you’re an accredited journalist, a public relations professional or a small business owner, most of us find ourselves consigned to writing for business. But that doesn’t make your writing any less important. In fact, more is at stake.


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