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The Three Legs of a Content Marketing Platform

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Content marketing platform? Queue the buzz words. But seriously, the success of your content marketing and communications strategy will largely depend on which content management system you select for your website, the technology you use to syndicate your content and how you measure outcomes.

The Three Legs of a Content Marketing Platform:

Think of your content marketing platform as stool with three legs. It won’t stand-up if it lacks any of the three legs:

  • A content management system;
  • Syndication technology; and
  • Outcome measurement tools.

Confessions of a WordPress Hater

It’s true. I, like many others, hated the WordPress content management system… and for good reason. However, WordPress has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Today, while there are other content management systems that can do the job, the WordPress content management system provides the most powerful capabilities available in the market to be the foundation of your content marketing platform.

With all basic WordPress sites you can:

  • Add fresh stories and marketing content to your website as a post;
  • Include rich media such as videos, animations, infographics and photographs;
  • Categorize the post to control where it appears for customer and investor audiences;

WordPress is extremely flexible and most themes are now fully responsive for mobile devices. WordPress powers nearly 27% of all websites on the internet today and holds a 60% share of the content management system market. With Fortune 500 companies like IBM (Yes, IBM), GM, Sony and many more using WordPress, you need to ask yourself one thing: If the biggest and the best are using WordPress to curate their digital content, will choosing a different platform make you look really smart or really stupid?

Tips and Tricks

Take care to select a well coded theme for WordPress. Ensure that it is mobile responsive and fast. You can test the speed of your website, or any theme you’re considering using Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Content Syndication

Once your content is populated into your WordPress website, a content marketing platform must syndicate it over the various channels that reach your target audience. These channels include:

  • Email news alerts sent as soon as a news release crosses the wire;
  • Weekly or monthly newsletters summarizing your marketing posts;
  • RSS/XML feeds; and
  • Social media posting to sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Stocktwits, etc.

The following WordPress plugins can help you accomplish these tasks:

  • Subscribe2 will instantly send an e-mail to subscribers when a new post is added to your site. You can limit which post categories utilize these instant email blasts. This function is best suited for e-mail news alerts for your releases;
  • MailChimp RSS feed driven campaigns can provide periodic summaries of posts in a specific category on a weekly/monthly basis. This function is best suited for your marketing and PR posts;
  • NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) automates dissemination to multiple social media profiles, groups, and company pages.

Outcome Measurement

Early in your content marketing strategy formulation you should determine what outcomes and goals you will define as success. Your definition of success will depend greatly on what kind of business you are and what tools you realistically have at your disposal. Some tools you may consider:

  • Media monitoring tools like Trendkite that can look at social engagement, amplification and sentiment;
  • Marketing automation tools like Marketo or Hubspot to nurture leads and, in combination with CRM systems like Salesforce, track leads from generation to conversion;
  • Email analytic tools to measure engagement and click through (available in MailChimp and Constant Contact); and
  • Web analytics tools like Google Analytics to monitor visitor flow, goals and conversions.


A successful content marketing program requires the right content management system and the right syndication technology. However, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Make sure you also pick the right outcome measurement tools.


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