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Financial Analysis Skills for Investor Relations

Financial analysis skills are the bread and butter of investor relations, allowing your IR provider to pull together the operational narrative every quarter

Financial Analysis

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Financial analysis skills are key to investor relations (“IR”). However, is your investor relations up to providing the analysis and written narrative for your MD&A, press release and webcast every quarter?

Financial Analysis

Does your investor relations team analyze your company’s results and pull together the narrative for your business each quarter? If not, how else can they effectively craft and package your message and speak to investors knowledgeably?

Financial analysis skills are table stakes for your investor relations provider

An accounting or financial analysis background is important. However it may not be enough. You need someone who can anticipate the needs and questions of your investors and analysts. A person who knows where investors and analysts look and what questions they ask. And finally, a person that can weave the numbers and the narrative into a coherent package that makes sense to a lay person.

Every quarter Investor Relations should work closely with Accounting and Finance to pull together management’s discussion and analysis. Then, from this root document, Investor Relations should draft the results press release, the webcast script, and quarterly results presentation. Finally, Investor Relations and Finance should be using the proper document collaboration tools to ensure that any changes to the financials are flowed through all of your reporting documents. This is essential to reduce the risk of errors in your quarterly reporting process.

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