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The Right Investor Relations Skills

What skills do public companies need to enhance shareholder value?

Investor Relations Skills

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Investor relations (“IR”) professionals are paid handsomely. But is your IR program enhancing shareholder value? Are you getting the value you need? Read on to find out.

What Investor Relations Skills Does Your Company Need?

Investor relations skills: Communications, Regulations, Financial Analysis, Relationships

According to IR Magazine’s 2014 Global Investor Relations Practice Report, the average investor relations professional in North America was paid between US$200,000 to US$250,000 per year. But is your IR function enhancing shareholder value to the maximum extent possible?  The answer depends entirely on whether the person you’ve hired possesses a complete skill set.

There are four core skills that your IR provider requires to deliver maximum value which I’ve broken into four bite-sized articles that you can reach at the links below:

  1. Marketing and communications
  2. Knowing the rules and regulations
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Relationship Management

In Defence of Bad Investor Relations

Simply having a background in financial analysis or accounting is not enough. Nor is a background in writing or journalism. The skills from either of these backgrounds are necessary but not sufficient for good investor relations. One defense for poorly delivered investor relations is that there is no school on earth currently producing graduates with the combination of skills required for a fully competent investor relations professional.

As a result, most investor relations practitioners start in a junior investor relations role with one or two of the four core skills and, if they’re hungry enough, go and build out the skills they are missing. It’s that hunger to learn that differentiates good IR professionals from the rest.

The need for such a diverse range of skills in investor relations makes finding and hiring a strong IR professional a real challenge. But doing the job right requires expertise across these disciplines.

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