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Investor Relationship Management

Effective relationship management in the capital markets identifies and screens potential buyers, nurtures relationships with broker-dealer analysts, investment bankers and trading desks, and tracks outcomes over time.

Investor Relationship Management

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Managing your company’s capital market relationships is a complex task that, done right, can enhance shareholder value. But do you have the systems and processes in place to do it properly?

Investor Relationship Management

Investor relationship management is really another word for the broader activity of managing your capital market relationships. In addition to your present and future investors, this also includes managing your sell-side partners such as analysts, investment bankers, trading desks and retail broker networks.

Increasing your company’s connection with the capital markets, while also ensuring that executives’ time is used effectively and efficiently, is a key deliverable of your investor relations (“IR”) provider. Effective relationship management identifies and screens potential buyers, nurtures your relationships with broker-dealers and tracks outcomes over time.

Investor relationship management

Capital market relationship management activities include:

  • The quarterly investor roadshow coordinated through existing broker-dealer relationships.
  • Broker-dealer management to attain:
    • Constructive research and analysis;
    • Effective institutional marketing with high quality (low turnover) buyers;
    • Active trading through the institutional trading desks; and
    • Access to their retail broker network and clientele.
  • Retail Broker Engagement through broker-dealer partners and directly.

By using an investor relationship management system, your team can measure its performance over time. Then, you can decide which activities are achieving the desired outcome and identify whether corrective actions are necessary.

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