Better Communications

Engage your employees and stakeholders more effectively

Communication Services

Our corporate communication programs can help you increase employee engagement, manage crisis communications, prepare for the media, protect your reputation and constructively engage with a wide range of stakeholder groups.

We deliver these services through a long-term retainer based approach that is form fitted to your company’s requirements to ensure:

  1. That we build a long-term strategic relationship with your team; and
  2. That you are not nickled and dimed for essential program elements.

Full Service Solutions

We provide a full service solution that will:

  • Embed a senior advisor on-site at your firm;
  • Integrate insights from employee engagement audits;
  • Develop and deploy your communications strategy;
  • Design and re-package your employee communications; and
  • Manage day-to-day communications.

Communication Platform

We will implement a platform that:

  • Automatically distributes content to the company website, intranet, email distribution lists and social media feeds; and
  • Integrates your crisis communication framework.

Events and Materials

We will produce great corporate materials, media and events including:

  • Employee town hall and appreciation events;
  • Video webcasts and conference calls;
  • Mission, vision and value development; and
  • Media outreach and spokesperson preparation.


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