Investor Relations

Enhance shareholder value by building credibility

Investor Services

A sound investor relations program will enhance shareholder value over the long-term through clear communication and expectation management… not promotion. We avoid the typical PR spin and promotion that harms investor confidence. Instead, we focus on those things that enhance investor confidence and management credibility. This includes educating your investors to increase their understanding of your company. We will also add clarity to your investor materials and increase your engagement with the right people in the capital markets.

We deliver these services through a long-term retainer based approach that is form fitted to your company’s requirements to ensure:

  1. That we build a long-term strategic relationship with your team; and
  2. That you are not nickled and dimed for essential program elements.

Full Service Solution

We provide a full service solution form fitted to your company’s requirements that will:

  • Embed a senior advisor on-site at your firm;
  • Conduct a capital markets perception audit;
  • Develop and deploy your investor relations strategy;
  • Design and re-package your investor materials;
  • Manage your investors and analysts day-to-day;
  • Manage activist investors and proxy contests; and
  • Coordinate M&A communications.

Communication Platform

We will implement a platform that:

  • Automatically distributes news to your company website, email distribution lists and social media feeds after your news release crosses the wire;
  • Captures and manages capital market activity through an investor relationship management system; and
  • Ensures your disclosure process runs smoothly.

Events and Materials

We will help produce great investor materials, media and events including:

  • IPO and roadshow investor presentations;
  • Investor websites;
  • Annual reports;
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis;
  • Analyst / Investor days; and
  • Retail broker meetings.


Every Book is Judged by its Cover

Every book is judged by its cover. No matter how compelling and interesting the story inside is, if it isn’t packaged properly, it will fail to get the attention it deserves. The same is true of your company. Don’t ruin the lustre of your great story with shabby packaging.

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Pounding the table won't enhance shareholder value
Quit Pounding the Table – Use an IR Framework that Works

Public companies often see a disconnect between their performance and their valuation. A sound investor relations program can enhance shareholder value by simplifying and distilling their company’s story; packaging the story so it is clear and compelling; and ensuring the story reaches the right investors.

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