Analyst Day - Town Hall Meetings

Well executed analyst day and town hall meetings increase your organization's credibility

Analyst Day – Town Hall Presentations

Analyst day – town hall presentations need to be solid, and sometimes management simply doesn’t have the time to rehearse a dynamic presentation. Following the Prezi based presentation in 2012, and due to limited time to script and rehearse for 2013, Parkland reverted back to a static presentation. Using compelling visuals, Parkland was able to speak to the successful completion of a number of business acquisitions, the scope of Parkland’s operations, and guidance for 2014 to 2016. (The volatility of a key supply contract made it impossible to provide meaningful guidance for 2013).

To review the presentation click on the image below:

Analyst Day - Town Hall Presentations: Parkland’s 2013 Presentation

Analyst Day – Town Hall Presentations:

The strategy paid off. First, the analyst day was highly effective at managing down investor expectations after strong EBITDA growth between 2010 and 2012. Second, the employee town hall meeting was successful at getting employees engage and get behind the plan.

Analyst Day - Town Hall Presentations:

Analyst Day – Town Hall Presentations: Parkland’s 2013 guidance for 2014-2016

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