Award Winning Design and Content

Build clarity and credibility with better design and content

Award Winning Visual and Content Design

To achieve award winning design the 2011 annual report had to be completely redeveloped from the ground up. Management’s discussion and analysis, financial statements, and the wrap we reworked to be accessible to the lay person and to align with best practices. We eliminated jargon and added visual elements to clearly and simply communicate the company’s financial position and strategic plan.

This allowed investors to engage with Parkland’s financial story, and led to the Company winning the awards for best editorial and design and best financial statements at Oilweek and ATB Financial’s 37th Annual Report Awards. Have a look at the actual report by clicking on the image below:

Award winning design and content: Parkland’s 2011 annual report

Our goal was to provide investors with a better understanding of Parkland’s products and services, operational strategy, addressable market, and market potential. To achieve strong message retention within the capital market audience, we ensured that Parkland’s key messages were also consistently deployed throughout Parkland’s media.

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