Industry Expertise

Communications professionals must emerse themselves through industry resources and field work to rapidly develop the industry expertise required to intelligently respond to investor and media inquiries

Industry Expertise

Effectively managing investor relations and communications for an entirely new industrial requires a quick study. However, it also requires an effective learning process. When approaching a new industry we delve into industry resources and field work to develop the necessary expertise.

Leading the effort to produce the 2008 annual report for GranTierra Energy marked our team’s first entry into serving a publicly traded oil & gas exploration and production company. We drank from the fire hose to learn enough about the oil and gas industry to deliver their annual. Producing their annual report was a great way to develop industry expertise in a low risk environment. We eventually took on GranTierra Energy as a full time client. Over many years, our initial work with GranTierra eventually led to them winning a number of annual report awards.

Industry Expertise allowed us to deliver GranTierra Energy’s Annual Report - Getting up to speed quickly

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