Effective Problem Solving

Making the impossible possible

Problem Solving

Everyone gets hit by the unexpected every once in a while. Effective problem solving means thinking quickly on your feet, evaluating your options, and delivering a rapid response. The example provided here is relatively trivial, but demonstrates the kind of approach we take when problems arise.

Three days before going to press on Parkland’s 2010 annual report, a legal battle broke out over the intellectual property ownership and rights to the cover image and the retail gas station images we were planning on using. We didn’t have anything else in our graphic asset library that we could use, so we needed new images.

I immediately picked up the phone and started pulling the pieces together to ensure that we could make our timeline. Working with Gary Campbell, a great industrial photographer based in Calgary, and several friends I co-opted into being models for a day, we were able to turn around new images in less than 48 hours, go to print on time, and salvage our proxy mailing.

That’s what problem solving is all about. Click the image below to see the report:

Problem Solving: Saving the Parkland 2010 Annual Report