Video Production and Editing

Making a video for your organization is a major investment of time and money, make sure you get a professional product.

Video Production and Editing

I always applaud organizations that use video as a communications medium. If you’re thinking of going down this avenue you’ll need to work with someone who knows how to coordinate and manage video production and editing. Video can be a highly effective tool to engage your audience and get your message out. Unfortunately, many videos end up coming across as cheesy and cliché because they fail to do the following:

  1. Define the purpose
  2. Consider the audience and their predispositions
  3. Plan diligently
  4. Find authentic stories and storytellers that will engage with the audience
  5. Be authentic

This is a simple background video created from B-roll for a client’s AGM.

Before considering video, your organization will need to begin building its video asset library by collecting B-roll whenever possible. Other video assets that we often ask clients to consider is using animation to explain business concepts. A great studio that I have found for this is Revolution Productions.