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Unlock Shareholder Value

Through a Professional Investor Relations Program

An Investor Relations Process That Works

Investor relations isn’t rocket science… It’s a long-term process. We can help you enhance shareholder value through a sound and consistent capital markets program. We use a proven process that systematically breaks down misperceptions and other barriers to engaging the capital markets while also protecting and enhancing your relationships. By improving your investor communications, engaging the capital markets, and consistently managing expectations appropriately, we enhance your credibility as a public company and unlock shareholder value.

Investor Relations

  • Solutions that fit your requirements
  • In-house presence at your firm
  • Capital markets perception audit
  • IR strategy development
  • Buy-side and sell-side management

Investor Platforms

  • Automated disclosure processes
  • Syndicated news distribution across media
  • Capital market activity capture
  • Buy-side & sell-side targetting
  • Relationship management

Investor Engagement

  • Best-in-class communications
  • Investor presentations
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis
  • Quarterly webcasts and calls
  • Analyst / Investor events

Corporate Communications & Reputation Management

We also provide a full array of corporate communication and reputation management services. This includes brand strategy, visual identity management, corporate communication support and government relations. In addition to helping you engage the capital markets, we help companies increase employee engagement, manage crisis communications, manage media engagement, protect their reputation and constructively engage with a wide range of stakeholder groups.

Investor Relations and Corporate Communication Insights

Financial analysis skills are table stakes for your investor relations provider
Financial Analysis
1024 576 Tom McMillan

Financial analysis skills are key to investor relations (“IR”). However, is your investor relations up to providing the analysis and written narrative for your MD&A, press release and webcast every quarter?

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Rules - Regulations governing public companies
Knowing the Rules of IR
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Your investor relations team must know the rules & regulations that govern public companies. If you’re not sure, the consequences are too serious for you to have any doubts.

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Communication skills for investor Relations
Communication Skills for IR
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Does your investor relations team have the chops for communications? It takes more than just being a good writer, it requires the same skills that are expected of any marketing professional.

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